M45 (the Pleiades)

Swapping and socializing

Please support the following businesses and individuals who provided prizes for the 2008 MKSP.

  • Richard Christie
  • John Nemby

WINNERS of the 2008 PRIZES

Images and names supplied courtesy Guy Mackie
(Click on an image to view details)

George Loveseth

Jeff Maron

Sean Paulson

Youth draw winner

Bruce Bart

Jesse Wair

Shelly McRae

Kaelyn McRae

Amanda McRae

Unnamed Youth

Keegan McRae

Unnamed Youth

Anthony Averay

Bill Weir

Jack Dudych

Neil Sandy

Patrick Fisher

Sean Paulson

Bill Weir

Maureen Hellmann

Jim Ronback

Wayne Lyons

Tyson Stephen

Neil Sandy