The 31st annual Mt. Kobau Star Party will begin at dusk July 26, 2014 and will end at dawn August 03, 2014

M31 with M32 and M110

NGC253 in Scupltor

2014 MKSP is underway!

Please support the following businesses and individuals who provided prizes for the 2009 MKSP.

  • Richard Christie

WINNERS of the 2009 PRIZES

Images and names supplied courtesy Guy Mackie
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Anthony Avery

Rick Kepler

Jack Dudych

Phil Johnson

Conner Paulson

Patrick Fisher

Unknown recipient

Elsa Kern

James Black

Jim Failes

Maggie Ranger

Unknown recipient

Doug Oakes

Unnamed recipient

Conner Kruson

Elaine Oakes

Lee Johnson

Unnamed Youth

David Millar

Ken Hewitt-White

Neil Sandy

Maureen Hellmann

Guy Mackie

Joanne Osborne-Paulson

Unnamed winner

Colleen O'Hare

Larry O'Bryant

Randy Klassen

Ronan Kerr

Unknown recipient

Bill Weir

Unknown recipient

Unknown recipient