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Please support the following businesses and individuals who provided prizes for the 2010 MKSP.

  • Richard Christie
  • Jason Rickerby

WINNERS of the 2010 PRIZES

Images and names supplied courtesy Guy Mackie
(Click on an image to view details)

Bill Irwin

David McIntosh

Phil Oltman

Maggie Ranger

John Mirtle

Ron Jerome

Doug Montgomery

Les McLellon

Vanessa Oltman

Unidentified ball-cap winners

Unidentified T-shirt winner

Unidentified coffee mug winner

Unidentified pin winner

Unidentified pin winner

Unidentified pin winner

Sean Paulson

Keeghan McRae

Richard Christie

James McRae

Kevin Fisher


Adriana Barbu

Kevin Demas

David Millar

David McIntosh

Unidentified winner

Avery Rickerby

Lynn Fearn

John Karlsson

John McKee

Jack Dudych