A few MKSP campers

A beautiful splitring

Please support the following businesses and individuals who provided prizes for the 2012 MKSP.

  • Dan Dixon
  • Gary Seronik

WINNERS of the 2012 PRIZES

Images and names supplied courtesy Guy Mackie
(Click on an image to view details)

Avery Rickerby

Val Stevenson

Edwin Bussey

Mark Force

Leah Demas

David McIntosh


Jason Rickerby

Kelly Davies


John McKee

George Loveseth

Laura Stewart

Laura Stewart

Eisha Kerr

Kevin Fisher

Conner Paulson


Craig McCaw

Kelly Collins

Kevin Fisher

Doug Montgomery

Brian Ottman

Ken Hewitt-White

David McIntosh

Ken Hewitt-White

Lee Johnson

Randy Klassen

Judy Sterner

Murray Paulson