The 32nd annual Mt. Kobau Star Party will begin at dusk August 8, 2015 and will end at dawn August 16, 2015

Jason Rickerby

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Jason Rickerby - MKSP Vice President

While I have always been interested in Astronomy from an observing perspective, I didn't have the means to really get serious about my interest until 1999. Since then I've been dragging my family, food and equipment up to Mount Kobau, in the pursuit of a reasonable digital astrophoto. Still pursuing...

I have been fortunate that when I expressed the idea to my wife that I'd like to get a telescope, her reply was that she wanted to see things in colour - her knowing full well that this would require a suitable camera. My wallet has been suffering ever since. After flirting with a fork-mounter SCT, I'm currently seeing the light with a GEM, small retractor and DSLR.

Living in the Lower Mainland, I feel like a bit distant trying to support the Mount Kobau Star Party, but have previously devised an orienteering course to provide a small daytime distraction on the mountaintop, and am the author of the Daytime Photo Contest form and rules.

Other than the above I'm an IT guy by profession, with lots of technical hobbies. When not talking Astronomy, I'm happy to chat about anything, including Amateur Radio (VE7JMR), Computers, Electronics, GPS stuff & navigation, Hi-Fi audio/video, Photography and most other things involving electrons.