The 32nd annual Mt. Kobau Star Party will begin at dusk August 8, 2015 and will end at dawn August 16, 2015

Southeastern view

Overlooking Lake Osoyoos

MKSP starts in:

Richard Christie - MKSP Secretary

Richard is a past president of the MKSP. He won the position during the November 2009 general meeting and served until the November 2012 general meeting.

Richard Christie is currently Chair of Physics & Astronomy at Okanagan College. He completed his B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics at UBC, then did General Relativity during graduate studies at UWaterloo, followed by a M.Sc. in observational microwave Astronomy at UBC.

Richard then went to work for Dome Petroleum. After Dome got itself in trouble Richard switched to British Petroleum where he spent nearly seven years and rose to Supervisor of Geophysical Research and Computing before coming to Okanagan College over twenty years ago.

He has worked all over the world as a Geophysicist in the search for Oil & Gas including working for a high technology company in Redmond, Washington as Manager of Customer Support and Training. While working he spent time at UCalgary studying Earth Sciences.

At Okanagan College Richard has taught Astronomy, Geophysics, Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics at first, second, and third year levels. He has been Chair of P&A for almost eight years but was also Chair of Earth and Environmental Science for one and half years as well as Associate Dean of Science for OUC for one and half years and "Acting Dean of Science" for just about a year for the "New" Okanagan College during the transition period from OUC to UBCO and OC.

Since he began teaching, Richard has studied pedagogical methods teaching Physics and Astronomy at UWashington. A perpetual student Richard has taken the equivalent of an honours in Physics, and majors in Applied Mathematics, Earth Sciences, and Astronomy and is currently working on the equivalent of a majors in ancient history through on-line courses.

He began his Ph.D. over a decade ago and might finish it someday, probably after he retires. Richard enjoys teaching, especially Astronomy, and loves sharing the wonder of the skies with students and friends. Richard will be on leave from Okanagan College starting in May for sixteen months.