The 32nd annual Mt. Kobau Star Party will begin at dusk August 8, 2015 and will end at dawn August 16, 2015

Roger Nelson

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Roger Nelson - Webmaster

Roger has a lifelong interest in Astronomy. Since the last arrival of Halley's Comet he has been an active observer more or less. Participating in both the Calgary and the Regina Centre of the RASC. His first visit to Mount Kobau was in 1992, and he has participated in the star party in each of the last 3 decades at least once. He started out as an observational astronomer, but more recently has been interested in astro-imaging all the objects he observed and sketched in the 1990's. He takes is inspiration from Fr. Lucian Kimble who was his mentor in the early days of observing.

Roger in taking over responsibility for the website from Dave Player, intends to leverage the work done by Dave to build the current site by adding new features for the faithful supporters of this one of a kind Star Party. The first year will be spent updating the material on the site, understanding how it works, but he is looking to suggestions from supporters on good things to add and change with the site.

Roger works in Calgary's Oil and Gas Business as an I.T. Business Analyst, but also provides web services and website support for other Clients and Organizations. Maintaining an active online presence is important so feel free to visit the following sites to learn more about Roger

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