The 35th annual Mt. Kobau Star Party will begin at dusk August 4, 2018 and will end at dawn August 12, 2018

Southeastern view

Overlooking Lake Osoyoos

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MKSP starts in:

Hello Kobau Friends,

2017’s Mt. Kobau Star Party will be held one month earlier than usual.  The reason, as you’ve likely already guessed, is the total eclipse of the sun which occurs at the August new moon – the time we traditionally hold MKSP.  The path of totality is just a day’s drive away for most of our regular attendees, and we believe it would be foolhardy to go head-to-head against such a rare event!  As a result, we’ve scheduled MKSP 2017 to run from July 22-30.

And, there’s more to the story.  We’ve decided to scale-back the star party on this one occasion.  The thinking is simply that a significant number of MKSP regulars may find it difficult to accommodate two big astronomical trips in one summer, and our attendance might suffer as a result.  Having had a couple of lean years recently, we’re sensitive to the thought that revenue might not offset our expenses, so we’re hedging our bet by reducing costs where we can.  Specifically, we’ve chosen not to hire speakers, run contests, solicit door prizes or produce a full-blown brochure.  (We even floated the idea of skipping a year entirely, but the Kobau faithful set us straight.  “We’ll be there!”, they told us…even if it’s just to scan the stars and shoot the breeze.)

That’s good to hear.  Please do join us on the mountain for the 34th annual Mt. Kobau Star Party.  We’ll be there to welcome you, with a slightly reduced registration price, souvenir buttons, shirts, caps and the traditional Kobau hospitality.  Plus the prospect of some impromptu twilight talks.  And not to worry – we’ll rent enough outhouses to serve when nature calls.

See you there!

Mt. Kobau Star Party Staff

2017 Events

The Star Party starts at Dusk on July 22nd and runs to dawn the following Sunday on July 30th.

Information on Talks/Events can be found here.

Information on Contests for Observers, see our page for details on this.

During the day there are opportunities for hiking. But during the nights the skys open up and are there for our Observing enyoyment.

Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all well placed for observing in the Evening Sky. New Moon is on the 23rd, so we will have a Waxing Crescet Moon will increase in brightness over the course of the week by the 30th it will have reached its first quarter. Some astronomical events that might be worth watching:

  • July 28 - Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower

  • July 23 - New Moon